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Arborist Tools and Supplies
Bailey's Woodsman Supplies: Tollfree 1-800-322-4539 (24 hours/ 7 days a week)
Light and heavy tools, supplies, and equipment. Serving arborist, loggers, and foresters.
Website: http://www.baileys-online.com
Email: baileys@baileys-online.com

WESTERN OFFICE (Home Division):
P.O. Box 550, 44650 Hwy. 101, Layton, California (CA) 95454
Phone: (707) 984-6133
FAX: (707) 984-8115
Hours: 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri, Pacific Time
196 Edwards Drive, Jackson, Tennessee (TN) 38301
Phone: (901) 422-1300
FAX: (901) 422-6118
Hours: 7am to 6pm Mon-Fri, Central Time
Sherrill Arborist Supplies
Website: http://www.wtsherrill.com
Excellent catalog with educational clips.
Sierra Moreno Mercantile
Website: www.sierramoreno.com
A.M. Leonard
Landscape and horticultural supplies.
Website: www.amleo.com
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Monitoring and Diagnostic Equipment
Ben Meadows: Tollfree 1-800-241-6401 (7am to 7pm, weekdays, Central Time)
Website: http://www.benmeadows.com
P.O. Box 5277, Jamesville, Wisconson (WI) 53547
Email: mail@benmeadows.com
Terra Tech, Inc.: Tollfree 1-800-321-1037
International Reforestation Suppliers: Includes Forestry, Environmental, Arboricultural, Reforestation, Nursery/Greenhouse, Land Management, Christmas tree, Engineering, Firefighting, Education, Surveying, Vineyard and Safety Equipment and Supplies.
Website: http://www.terratech.net
P.O. Box 5547, Eugene, Oregon (OR) 97405
AgriSense BCS Ltd.: 01443 84115
Supplier of environmentally friendly insect pest control products.
Unit 1, Taff Mead Road, Treforest Industrial Estate, Pontypridd, Mid Glamorgan, UK CF37 5SU
Website: http://www.agrisense.demon.co.uk
B & G Equipment Company Tollfree 1-800-544-8811
Professional Pest Control Equipment and exclusive United States Marketing Agent for AgriSense Product Line.
Website: http://www.bgequip.com
P.O. Box 130, Plusteadville, PA 18979
BioQuip Products: (310) 324-0620
Website: http://www.bioquip.com
Gardena, California (CA)
Agri-Diagnostics Associates: Cinnaminson, New Jersey
Disease Diognostic Test kits.
Pest Management Supply, Inc.: Hadley, Massachusetts
Sentry, Inc.: Buckeye, Illinois
Sentry Monitoring Products.
Trece, Inc.: (831) 759-4810
Salinas, CA
Hours: 8am-5pm Mon-Fri, Pacific Time
Spraying Systems Co.: Wheaton, Illinois. Water-sensitive paper for monitoring honeydew.
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Beneficial Organisms
Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products. The IPM Practitioner. Bio-Integral Resource Center, Berkeley, CA
Gardens Alive! Lawrenceberg, Indiana
Some Biological Control Agents Commercially Available in California. UC Publication 7115.
Suppliers of Beneficial Organisms in North America. C. D. Huner. 1992. California EPA, Department of Pesticide Regulation, Sacramento, CA
A Worldwide Guide to Beneficial Animals (Insects/Mites/Nematodes) Used for Pest Control Purposes. 1992. W. T. Thompson, Thompson Publications, Fresno, CA.
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Publications, Videos & Software
Arbor Age Magazine
Website: www.greenindustry.com

Tree Care Industry Magazine
Website: www.natlarb.com
Fine Gardening Magazine
Website: www.finegardening.com
American Nurseryman
Wesite: www.amerinursery.com
An excellent site for horticultural software and books.
University of California Publications
Website: http://danrcs.ucdavis.edu