Arborlogic Consulting Arborists
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Arborlogic is an independant consulting firm that specializes in consulting homeowners, developers, designers, property managers and govenment entities about trees.
Arborlogic is committed to professional, knowledgeable, state of the art consulting in all aspects of tree assessment while providing clients with prompt service and customer satisfaction at a competitive price.
We are based out of San Francisco, California and have served Northern California with over 20 years of arboricultural experience.

List of Services
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Services Include:
  • Land Development and Trees that includes construction guidelines, tree inventories, tree preservation plans, and construction recommendations.
  • Tree Damage/Loss Appraisals for assessing tree loss due to fire, storms, landslides, root damage, vehicle damage, vandalism, poisoning, disease, improper pruning or unapproved tree removal.
  • Tree Hazard Assessments for homeowners, neighbor trees, and government entities
  • Land Management that includes inventories, budget forecasts, and management specifications for private estates, homeowners associations, property manangement companies, commercial property and government land. 
  • Dispute Resolution that includes reports and/or expert witness testimony for mediations, arbitration and court trials.
  • Inspection of all trees, landscape plants, irrigation, and turf on your property.
  • Training of operations workers, foremen, supervisors, and sales staff in areas that include varied sales techniques, operations management, safety compliance, species specific pruning, and large tree removal and rigging.
  • Pest and Disease Diagnosis with specific recommendations.
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Land Development and Trees
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
When proposing the construction of roads, buildings, landscape or additions near existing trees it is often necessary to have the project assessed by a qualified arborist.
Trees are assessed for size, health and condition and the proposed development project is assessed as to its impact on these existing trees (i.e. tree removal, root loss, etc...).
These arborist reports are often required by the governing body, such as the city or county, and as a condition of permit approval.
To find out if your project requires an arborist assessment check the City or County tree ordinances where the proposed project is located (See ORDINANCES in the RESEARCH area of this website).
  • Initial Tree Inventory and Assessment
    • All trees are individually identified and represented on a spreadsheet with summaries for quick analysis of the resource.
    • An up-to-date and accurate assessment of trees by their health and condition. They are given a rating of suitability for preservation and a tree protection radius. This provides the design team with a description of what trees can, or should be, preserved and how close to build without special considerations.
    • General guidelines with state of the art methodology to assist the design team when developing near preserved trees.
  • Design Assistance
    • Specific recommendations for architects and engineers concerning designing within the tree preservation zones including grading, foundations, soil fill, soil cuts, compaction, trenching, drainage, equipment access and storage, etc..
    • State of the art AutoCAD or hand-drawn formats available with written reports for ease of use with the design team and construction personnel,.
  • Follow-up Design Consultations
  • On-site Consultations when you need them!
  • Public appearances at meetings with planners, city councils and the public to answer questions about construction mitigation measures.

Damage/Loss Appraisals
"Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees"
Trees and landscape do have monetary values and there are industry standards to calculate their value and loss.
Tree appraisals are provided for assessing tree loss due to fire, storms, landslides, root damage, vehicle damage, vandalism, poisoning, disease, improper pruning or unapproved tree removal.
It is important to take pictures of loss or damage as soon as possible, then consult with an experienced arborist/horticulturalist.
If you currently have no damage at this time... take pictures anyway!
This information will help you document the contribution of trees and landscape on your property. Pictures should be taken from different areas of the home and property. Include how trees and landscape frame views, provide screening or privacy, and photos that can help give a visual record of the size and health of particular trees.

Tree Hazard Assessments
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Our consulting arborists can help you determine whether a tree is a hazard due to structural problems, poor maintenance practices, pests or disease.
Often, only a trained professional can spot significant problems with a tree that would otherwise appear perfectly fine.
It doesn't hurt to have one of our staff assess the potential hazards of trees on your property or neighboring properties. We can then make recommendations on how to reduce or eliminate these hazards. We can also help you with how to approach neighbors about trees that threaten your home or property.
We can also inform you of how insurance companies approach damage caused by falling trees and branches.

Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
We have found that our clients can save 15 to 30 percent off their landscape budgets by having our competent professionals create realistic budgets, specify the work to be performed, prepare bid specifications, qualify the contractor, and oversee the work to make sure the job is done right!
We provide the independent truthful advise that will save you money and avoid costly problems or delays. This will allow you and your clients to enjoy the beauty of their surroundings and be confident knowing that you have experts overseeing your property.
Arborlogic provides tree, weed, and vegetation management for homeowners, homeowner associations, property managers, and government agencies.
Management can include budget forecasts, liability assessment, vegetation inventories, wildfire prevention, sprinkler and irrigation assessment and management specifications.

Dispute Resolution
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
"Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits."
-Mark Twain
Arborlogic can help you deal with problems arrising from neighbors, clients, contractors, or agencies and avoid costly time-consuming litigation. If litigation is necessary, we are ready to help you with expert opinions or advise.
We can help you with all phases of the dispute resolution process.
Our staff can advise you as consultants, provide reports, expert witness testimony or mediate a resoultion.
Call us early in the dispute process whenever possible.

Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Looking to buy a new home or currently in escrow?
Concerned about large trees in and around your property?
Are these trees hazardous?
Are these trees dying and need costly removal?
Are you concerned about foundation or sidewalk cracks and possible root damage?
Are your sewer lines constantly backing up and are roots the cause?
Let us help you answer these important questions!
We can meet with you and make a quick evaluation before costly problems result. We also provide expert letters, reports, and recommendations to resolve the problem.

Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Arblorlogic can train your tree workers, foremen, supervisors, safety, sales, and management personel to perform more knowledgeably efficiently.
Our staff has vast practical experience in all phases of arboriculture. We have worked for and managed many varying personel and companies. We can bring the tested methods and procedures established by the industry into your endeavers.
We have experience in teaching, best practices, industry standards, pesticide application and safety compliance.
Call us to make a needs assessment and customize a training program that fulfills your requirements.

Pest and Disease Diagnosis
Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
Arborlogic can diagnose trees and plants for pests, disease or poor cultural conditions. We can discover the cause of poor plant health using our great many years of practical experience, foliar testing, and soil testing. Our approach to treatment is performed using Integrated Plant Management (IPM).
We provide the independent truthful advise that will save you money and avoid costly problems or delays.
To get specific information about specific diseases click on our RESEARCH PAGE!

Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees

James Lascot(pronounced las-co)
is the founder/owner of Arborlogic Consulting Arborists and an arborist with over 30 years experience throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Qualifications:Mr. Lascot has consulting, teaching and practical experience in the following areas of arboriculture:

He has a talent for Presentations to government planning departments, homeowners associations, horticulure and gardening associations, and the general public.
He has expertise in Construction and Development around existing trees that includes familiarity with current state and local regulations/ordinances. Creating detailed tree inventories in various computer formats. Providing design, demolition, grading, and construction specifications.
He has experience in developing Tree Management Plans for commercial properties, property management companies, homeowners associations, and residential properties that include budget forecasting, individually assessed tree inventories, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), maintenance specifications, scheduling, bid specifications, and contractor evaluations.
He has provided monetary values for the Appraisal/Loss of trees in property loss cases due to fire, storm damage, collapse, unauthorized tree removal/damage, and sudden death from pests or disease.
James has assisted many clients in Neighbor Disputes either as an advisor or expert witness in mediations, arbitrations, and court trials. He has also served as mediating arborist and provided peer review for goverment agencies.
His vast practical experience and problem solving approach provides his clients with informative options under any type of circumstances.
Other Interests:
Music, political science, information systems, philosophy, and physics. His hobbies include sailing, rock climbing, deep-sea fishing, water sports, skating, and cycling.

James Reed
James is an Associate Consulting Arborist with Arborlogic, has over 12 years of arboricultural experience, is an ISA Certified Arborist, and has much experience training tree climbing throughout the world.

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Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
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