Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
James Lascot(pronounced las-co)
is the founder/owner of Arborlogic Consulting Arborists and an arborist with over 30 years experience throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.
Qualifications:Mr. Lascot has consulting, teaching and practical experience in the following areas of arboriculture:

He has a talent for Presentations to government planning departments, homeowners associations, horticulure and gardening associations, and the general public.
He has expertise in Construction and Development around existing trees that includes familiarity with current state and local regulations/ordinances. Creating detailed tree inventories in various computer formats. Providing design, demolition, grading, and construction specifications.
He has experience in developing Tree Management Plans for commercial properties, property management companies, homeowners associations, and residential properties that include budget forecasting, individually assessed tree inventories, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), maintenance specifications, scheduling, bid specifications, and contractor evaluations.
He has provided monetary values for the Appraisal/Loss of trees in property loss cases due to fire, storm damage, collapse, unauthorized tree removal/damage, and sudden death from pests or disease.
James has assisted many clients in Neighbor Disputes either as an advisor or expert witness in mediations, arbitrations, and court trials. He has also served as mediating arborist and provided peer review for goverment agencies.
His vast practical experience and problem solving approach provides his clients with informative options under any type of circumstances.
Other Interests:
Music, political science, information systems, philosophy, and physics. His hobbies include sailing, rock climbing, deep-sea fishing, water sports, skating, and cycling.

James Reed
James is an Associate Consulting Arborist with Arborlogic, has over 12 years of arboricultural experience, is an ISA Certified Arborist, and has much experience training tree climbing throughout the world.

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Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees
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