Tree Damage/Loss Appraisals

"Helping People Make Informed Decisions About Trees"

Trees and landscape do have monetary values and there are industry standards to calculate their value and loss.
Tree appraisals are provided for assessing tree loss due to fire, storms, landslides, root damage, vehicle damage, vandalism, poisoning, disease, improper pruning or unapproved tree removal.
It is important to take pictures of loss or damage as soon as possible, then consult with an experienced arborist/horticulturalist.
If you currently have no damage at this time... take pictures anyway!
This information will help you document the contribution of trees and landscape on your property. Pictures should be taken from different areas of the home and property. Include how trees and landscape frame views, provide screening or privacy, and photos that can help give a visual record of the size and health of particular trees.